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Domain History of weswilliamsattorney.com

By Fate Kersey

About weswilliamsattorney.com

Weswilliamsattorney.com was the website for the Wes Williams Attorney at Law. Wes Williams Attorney at Law is a law firm located in La Grande, Oregon. It is founded by Attorney Wes Williams. Atty. Williams specializes in real estate, criminal defense, civil litigation, and appeals. He is licensed to practice in state and federal court and has represented clients throughout the State of Oregon. 

On the website’s homepage, visitors can see an overview of what Wes Williams Attorney at Law is. A photo of Attorney Williams is also available on the homepage of the website. Information about the firm’s founder, Attorney Wes Williams such as his practice areas and services he provides, can also be seen.

A logo of the American Academy of Trial Attorneys is also placed at the upper righthand corner of the website. The firm’s contact details are also seen on the upper left side of the page. Individuals needing the firm’s assistance may contact Attorney Wes Williams at 541-962-0896 or by sending an email to [email protected]. Interested individuals may also visit their office at 115 Elm Street – La Grande, Oregon – 97850. To read other related articles, visit Real Estate Law News.

Attorney Services

Atty. Williams also represents clients involved in all aspects of real estate and property law disputes. Individuals needing assistance in drafting real estate documents such as deeds, real estate contracts, and earnest money agreements may find the lawyers at Wes Williams Attorney at Law helpful. Their office also drafts buy-sell agreements, residential leases, commercial leases, agricultural leases, agricultural liens, easements, licenses, and more. 

According to the website, Wes Williams will provide an aggressive and principled representation for anyone accused of felonies such as racketeering or embezzlement, theft, and drug possession. Attorney Williams also represents individuals accused of trafficking crime, fraud, theft and burglary, kidnappings, murder, sex crime, and robbery. He also lends a helping hand to those charged with misdemeanors such as DUI/DWI, official misconduct, trespassing, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct in both the state and federal courts.

Attorney Wes Williams also represents civil litigants who find themselves against individuals and/or corporations in disputes such as Property Disputes, Contract Disputes, and Insurance Disputes. Attorney Williams can also help you appeal to a higher court if you feel the sentence is unfair.  He also represents clients in appeals in all areas of criminal defense and the areas of civil litigation involving property, contract, and insurance disputes.

About the Firm

Readers may learn more about the Wes Williams Attorney at Law by clicking on the “About the Firm” button. Here, readers can find information about the firm and its legal staff. A photo of the staff and Attorney Wes is also available on this page. According to the website, Attorney Wes has represented several individuals including judges, lawyers, police officers, business leaders, and school administrators throughout his career. He is among the most successful trial lawyers in the State of Oregon and is licensed to practice in state and federal court. He has also represented clients throughout the State of Oregon.

The legal staff of Wes Williams Attorney at Law is comprised of Ms. Jennifer Schemm, Ms. Michelle Ritchey, and Ms. Anna Stever. Ms. Jennifer Schemm is an attorney focusing on Legal Research, Drafting of Motions, and Appellate Briefs. Ms. Michelle Ritchey, on the other hand, is a legal assistant who handles the drafting of real estate and legal documents, such as wills and pleadings. Finally, Ms. Anna Stever is a legal assistant and at the same time the receptionist of the law firm. She is also a corporate records assistant and handles legal research and client intake.

Press & Court Opinions

The Press & Court Opinions section of the website is dedicated to the cases that the law firm Wes Williams Attorney at Law handled and have been reported in the press. These cases include: 

  • State v. Dean Muchow
  • State of Oregon v. Lyle Mann
  • State of Oregon v. Donna Dunning
  • La Grande Observer article – 9.22.2011
  • OPB News
  • OPB News – 11.16.2011
  • State v. Christopher McSwain
  • State v. Eric Arntz

Appellate cases handled by the law firm are also available on this page. These include:

  • (Oregon Court of Appeals) State v. Tom Ralph Bobbitt
  • Donna Dunning Court of Appeals Opinion
  • (Oregon Court of Appeals) State v. Matthew Krieger
  • (Oregon Supreme Court) State ex rel Department of Human Services v. Dana Jo Simmons

Readers may find more information about each case by clicking on the link provided.

Contact Us

On the Contact Us section of the website, visitors can see the contact details of the law firm. Individuals may visit the law firm’s office at 115 Elm Street La Grande, Oregon 97850. Visitors may also reach the legal team at Wes Williams Attorney at Law through 541-962-0896 or online via [email protected]. A Google Map showing the office’s location is also available on this page. 

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