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Domain History of stowelegalgroup.com

By Fate Kersey

About stowelegalgroup.com 

Stowelegalgroup.com was the website for the law firm Legacy Legal Group. On the website’s homepage, information about the law firm can be seen. According to the website, the Legacy Legal Group gives its clients peace of mind by providing attentive and practical solutions. The lawyers at the Legacy Legal Group help individuals in planning a family legacy, starting or selling a business, or in planning for a person’s elderly years. 

The Legacy Legal Group combines decades of experience and skill alongside technical and legal dynamism. The firm has dedicated its practice to helping its clients manage concerns and risks, plan for growth, and mitigate or eliminate harm. The lawyers at the Legacy Legal Group strive to represent their clients in a way that empowers them to make choices they can understand by avoiding scare tactics, gimmicks, and the hassle and stress of visiting a lawyer’s office. 

By scrolling further, visitors can see the firm’s practice areas which include Estate Planning, Elder Law, Business Law, Probate, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, and Mediation. Readers may read more information about the firm’s practice areas by clicking Read More. 

Upcoming seminars and events may also be seen on the dedicated section of the page. Readers may also read more information about these seminars and events by clicking Read More. 

Interested individuals may also sign up and subscribe to the Legacy Legal Group’s monthly newsletter to get the latest updates and developments in estate planning. Interested visitors who wish to subscribe may simply provide their email address and click submit on the section provided. 

Readers may reach the Legacy Legal Group through their phone (231) 941-5000 or may visit them at their office located at 125 Park Street, Suite 350 Traverse City, MI 49684. Interested individuals may also fax the law firm at (231) 941-5000. To read other related articles, visit Real Estate Law News.

Our Blogs

Readers may read the law firm’s blogs by accessing the Our Blogs page of the website. Several blog posts about various topics relating to estate planning can be seen. These include Estate Planning and Probate Blog, Bankruptcy Blog, Elder Law Blog, Family Law Blog, and Business Blog. Each blog was written to educate and provide helpful tips to a particular demographic such as professionals, laypeople, consumers, small business owners, elderly adults and their caretakers, and many more. Readers may access these blogs by clicking the link provided for each post. 

About Us

On the About Us page of the website, readers can see information about the law firm. According to the website, Legacy Legal Group, PLC is a law firm in Traverse City, Michigan that specializes in estate planning, probate litigation, business law, real estate, adoption, family law, bankruptcy, and civil mediation. The law firm aims to provide excellent service to its clients by giving sound counseling that accomplishes clients’ goals, provides peace of mind, and minimizes risk. The Legacy Legal Group combines decades of experience, the latest technological innovation, and an empathetic approach tailored for each client. The law firm’s approach emphasizes close client contact with the client’s lawyer, not staff or contractors. They are located in downtown Traverse City at the Radio Center building.

The Legacy Legal Group’s team includes Attorney Brandon S. Dornbusch, Attorney Sara C. Vyncke, and Attorney David L. Stowe. Attorney Brandon S. Dornbusch dedicated his practice to estate planning, probate, elder law, business law, and real estate. Attorney Sara C. Vyncke handles bankruptcy, civil litigation, family law, and estate planning. Attorney David L. Stowe is an emeritus lawyer. He focuses on mediation and alternative dispute resolution. He also sits as a visiting judge whenever needed. He was also the managing partner of Stowe Legal Group, PLC, and served as the Grand Traverse County probate judge before he retired from the practice of law. 

The Legacy Legal Group specializes in estate planning, probate litigation, business law, real estate, adoption, family law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, and civil mediation.

News and Events

On the News and Events page, readers can see the upcoming events and seminars of the Legacy Legal Group. According to the website, the lawyers from the Legacy Legal Group regularly give seminars and educational presentations to different individuals including other attorneys, professionals in the financial services industry, and laypeople. The law firm developed engaging, interesting, and informative presentations on topics such as Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, Living Trusts, Administration of Estates, Planning for High Net Worth Clients Charitable Giving, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Medicaid Planning, and Business Succession. The attorneys from the Legacy Legal Group are also open to giving presentations to business institutions, church or religious groups, or civic organizations. Interested visitors may request more information about the Legacy Legal Group’s speaking events by clicking the provided link. 

Contact Us

On the Contact Us page, readers can see the law firm’s contact form. Here, interested individuals may send their inquiries and concerns by simply providing their name, email address, contact number, subject of their email, and message. 

The firm’s address, contact number, fax number, and business hours are also available on this page and are as follows: 


125 Park Street, Suite 350

Traverse City, MI 49684


(231) 941-5000


(231) 941-5000


Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM

Weekends by appointment

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