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Domain History of ospcb.info

By Fate Kersey

About The Website ospcb.info

The website ospcb.info was a website created for the India environmental program called Star Rating Program. The website was created to display awards of different industries that follow the regulation for clean air strictly. Those who were following government regulations strictly when it comes to keeping the environment clean were also featured on the website.

The website was very informative and easy to navigate. It gave the visitor a lot of options and things that may be helpful for research or whatever purpose they’re needing the information for. It was also very simple and did not use a lot of designs and colorful things that could distract the visitor from what they were looking for or what they were reading while navigating the website. To read other related articles, visit Real Estate Law News.

The last update that was placed on the website were industry ratings from before the Covid-19 pandemic started in February of 2020. It listed the company names that were awarded, their area/city, and the sector where they belonged. On the website, there were 12 companies that were listed as awardees for the month of February 2020.

The website was created in 2018 by NTSPL and its sole purpose was to ensure that everything related to the Star Rating Program was posted on the website available to the visitors. There were a lot of blog posts on the website that was informative and really showed how much the industry was working towards a cleaner Earth.

Services on ospcb.info

On the website, the visitor would be able to see a header that contained an option to browse the ratings, read more about the program, news & updates related to the program, and ways to contact the organization. There was also an option to browse on the website in English or Odia, which was the language native to the people that lived in the Indian State of Odisha.

There was also a map that showed places in India that were covered by the program. Under that map, there was a live Twitter feed that showed news and updates from the industries around India that were included in Star Rating Program. Some tweets were in English while others were written in Odia. Below the Twitter feed, there were options to read blog posts that discussed how to keep the environment clean and steps that were taken by the industries to ensure that they are not making negative impacts on the environment.

If the visitor was looking for something specific on the website, there was also an option to filter the industries. This featured a year, month, sector, regional office, rating, and search by industry. The visitor may be able to play around with these options in order to find what they were looking for quickly. By changing each of these options, the website would give out the closest results.

About the Star Rating Program

Star Rating Program was an initiative in India that was created to rate large industrial units based on their emissions. It was launched in Maharashtra in June of 2017 and has reached almost 300 industrial units around India. The Star Rating Program expanded its reaches across 12 sectors and covered some of the most polluted cities in India such as Chandrapur, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Nashik, and Pune.

The industry and citizens supported the program and enable it to reach out to a wide spectrum of Indian residents. This had encouraged the people to raise awareness about air pollution in their respective communities. Under the program, there were about 650 people which included NGOs, industry professionals, engineering students, and journalists that were sensitized through focused workshops.

The Star Rating program was a collaborative effort of researchers from the Tata Center for Development at UChicago (TCD), Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago’s India team (EPIC-India), Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago’s India team (EPIC-India), and other academic institutions.

The program also gained acceptance by citizens with critical information about industrial pollution levels. There was a growing number of people that disseminated information across social media, and the program already triggered citizen activism. The program also received endorsements from city mayors, members of the Parliament, celebrities, and politicians.

The government of Odisha state in India also took the opportunity to sign up for the Star Rating Program due to the success of Maharashtra. However, unlike Maharashtra, Odisha’s star rating for its industrial units is based on the data they receive from continuous emission monitors. In Odisha, the emission monitors are installed in the smokestacks of the industries, and the data are relayed in real-time to the regulators.

The Star Rating Program was also leveraging the benefits of peer comparison that encourages all industrial units to improve compliance. Maharashtra and Odisha both were able to embrace transparency and information disclosure as a regulatory tool. This example may be good for the other states in India to follow and help improve the air quality.

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