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Domain History of kaufmantxbankruptcylawyer.com

By Fate Kersey

About kaufmantxbankruptcylawyer.com

Kaufmantxbankruptcylawyer.com was the website of Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys. Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys specialize in bankruptcy and tax. What they did was offer help for individuals who are under debt to have a fresh start for their financial status by offering to get bankruptcy relief from creditors and the IRS.

The website offered a simple and straightforward aesthetic for visitors to check what the firm has to offer. A dignified picture of the founder, Kathryn Coffman, can also be seen on the homepage of the website.

Someone dealing with mountains of debt or someone who could potentially lose their car or home and other assets can find filing for bankruptcy relief as the answer they’ve been looking for. Relentless harassing creditor telephone calls, threatening letters, and in-person visits can be intimidating, overwhelming, and really stressful. Bankruptcy, according to the website, is specifically designed to help individuals who found themselves unable to pay all their debts for whatever reason. Filing for bankruptcy can alleviate these situations and remove the stress from your situation.

Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys deal with these kinds of situations and issues on a daily basis and can offer specific solutions to these kinds of problems. Individuals needing help for their bankruptcy can call Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys and discuss their situation.

Services offered by kaufmantxbankruptcylawyer.com

According to the website, it is important that you discuss your situation with a knowledgeable attorney to get legally correct information instead of getting help from a creditor who might not consider your best interests and may only be intent on just getting paid. 

Attorney Kathryn Coffman and her law firm, Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys, can help you file the best plan available for your specific individual needs. Every client has a unique situation and not everyone needs to file for a Chapter 7 liquidation. Some individuals can file for Chapter 13 so that they can reorganize their debts and taxes. They also claim that in almost all cases that they handle, their clients get to keep most of their properties like their homes, cars, and personal possessions while ridding themselves of their crushing debts.

Getting a fresh start

Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys can help individuals get a fresh start. They, according to the website, are not about “cookie-cutter” and template approaches but instead are a team of compassionate professionals who will help individuals needing help to get past the most difficult time of their lives. They are different from high volume bankruptcy or tax mill law firms which most people refer to as “mass filer” law firms.

Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys are composed of knowledgeable, competent, educated, and qualified lawyers with years of experience helping consumers, small businesses, and individuals file for bankruptcy. This is an effort to help them avoid or stop foreclosures, eliminate debts, deal with IRS and property tax debt. This can ultimately give them the fresh start that they need and desire.

Finding the best for your situation

The bankruptcy lawyers of Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys can assess your needs specific to your situation and find out what is the best action and solution for your individual situation. 

Bankruptcy can enable individuals to keep their homes, cars, and personal possessions. It can also help business owners and individuals alike to stop foreclosures, repossessions, lawsuits, judgments, and garnishments. It can also save businesses or close them. 

Service Areas of Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys

The main office of Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys is located at Main Office at 305 W Mulberry St, Kaufman, TX 75142. Interested individuals can reach their office by contacting 972-962-6576. A satellite office located at Trinity Avenue is also available for Forney, Texas residents. Locals can visit it at 300 W Trinity Ave., Forney, TX 75126 or contact their satellite office at 972-564-4580.

The bankruptcy lawyers of Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys represent residents, businesses, and entities that operate or reside in the Northern District specifically in Kaufman, Dallas, Rockwall, Ellis, Hunt, Navarro, and Johnson counties, and the Eastern District: Anderson, Cherokee, Gregg, Henderson, Panda, Rains, Rusk, Smith, Van Zandt, and Wood counties.

 Coffman and Mcleroy Attorneys offer free initial telephone consultations to interested individuals to discuss their situation. They offer to help find solutions and help fix their client’s problems.

What is Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process where a person, business, or entity is unable to repay its outstanding debts. The bankruptcy proceeding starts with a petition being filed by the debtor. This is the most common type of bankruptcy. All assets of the debtor are evaluated and measured. The assets can be used to repay a portion of the outstanding debt.

Bankruptcy allows an individual or company to start over. It forgives unpaid debts and gives creditors the opportunity to get a measure of repayment. This will be based on the assets of the individual or company that are available for liquidation.

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